Living Life to the Fullest – Despite My Chronic Pain

I knew that I couldn’t put my life on hold – couldn’t make any more decisions that revolved around my fear of the debilitating pain in my body.

8 Creative and Meditative Activities to Make the Best of Lockdown

The more time I spent overseas, “practicing” my isolation, the more I learned that engaging in creative, meditative activities was a surefire way to fight anxiety and depression, and maybe even learn something.

Lockdown in Indonesia: How I Followed My Intuition and Ended Up Exactly Where I Wanted to Be

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned on this trip is to lean into uncertainty, trust my intuition, and make decisions when they feel right – all the while fully cognizant that inaction is a decision in and of itself.

Don’t hate, meditate! 8 Tips for Starting Your Meditation Practice

I used to think that meditation was impossible. Sitting silently by myself with no distractions, counting down the minutes as I tried to keep my mind from wandering… it seemed like a horrible chore.

Hello, I’m Emilie

Welcome to my blog! I am a humanitarian aid worker, intrepid traveler, and mindfulness practitioner. Born and raised in the US, since the age of 20 I’ve lived in France, Senegal, Cameroon, Italy, Morocco, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Afghanistan, Niger, and have been camping out in Indonesia since COVID-19 hit. I’ve traveled toContinue reading “Hello, I’m Emilie”